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Once I made the decision to minimize the waste I produced, I sat down and made a list of 3 things that I used every day and needed to swap for more environmentally friendly alternatives – the sooner, the better.  I believe I made a positive impact just by doing so and the rest was just a matter of habit and attitude. So let’s get to it! Start your zero waste journey by simple swaps!

Coffee cup / Travel mug

I am a dedicated coffeeholic and now a proud owner of a reusable coffee cup which I use all the time. 2-3 cups of coffee are my daily norm and coffee shop – hopping my daily routine. First time when I asked a barista in my favorite coffee shop to use my coffee cup instead of a paper cup, I felt a bit awkward.  Over the time I realized, it was just a matter of habit since no one ever questioned my reasons behind it. If you are a coffeeholic like me, a reusable coffee cup or a travel mug is a must on your zero waste startup list. The good news is you can get it almost anywhere in various shapes, colors and price range! Check out some of my favorite designs here and get your coffee cup today!

Saved: In 2018 I saved approximately 550 paper coffee cups just by using my coffee cup and the year is not over yet!

Reusable water bottle

Another must-have item you should add to your list of zero waste essential is a reusable water bottle. It is also the best way how to fight single-use plastic and stay hydrated!  Investing in a reusable water bottle is a small action anyone can take to help tackle the problem, and it saves you money in the long run. Nowadays, a huge variety is available online or in stores so start looking for your perfect bottle! Check out this website for inspiration!

Saved: In 2018 I saved approximately 150 plastic bottles just by using my reusable water bottle and the year is not over yet!

Reusable shopping bag

One of the biggest enemies of the environment is a single-use plastic bag. A reusable grocery bag lasts for much longer than a regular plastic bag and it is a smart choice that limits waste. It’s environmentally friendly and also saves you money as the majority of stores applied a fee for providing a plastic bag. I own few reusable grocery bags different in size and design I bought online. Also, most of the stores have their own selection of reusable bags available for purchase. You can also check this list for inspiration!

Saved: In 2018 I saved approximately 108 plastic bags just by using my reusable grocery bag and the year is not over yet!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? This was the very first step I took and I recommend you do the same. Get into the habit of filling up your water bottle and having your grocery bag handy. Start saying no to single-use coffee cups. And remember not to give up, the change won’t happen overnight.



You just took first step towards life without waste! 

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