The Beginning Of My Zero Waste Journey

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I’m a regular woman with a regular job and great concern for our planet. My interest in zero waste lifestyle didn’t happen overnight, but it built up gradually. In hindsight, I had done my best to act responsibly towards the environment ever since I was a teen. It hasn’t always been convenient, but I decided to minimize the negative impact I had on the environment. I felt like I had to make a significant lifestyle change in order to reduce my waste produce and take a step closer towards achieving my goal of becoming zero waste.

One day I was lying on my bed looking around my room without any purpose when I caught myself thinking: “Damn, my room looks super crowded!” I used to clean my room every couple of days because my stuff always piled up and I felt like I wasn’t able to keep my room clean for longer than a day. My clothes stocked in a pile on the floor, my documents randomly placed on the shelves, my shoes thrown in the corner of my room and me in the middle of this mess constantly searching for something. As I scanned my collection of my stuff from the comfort of my bed, I decided there must be a better way how to deal with it. So I went online and I googled until the name Marie Kondo’s Magical Cleaning book came up in my search. After I read several reviews, I couldn’t wait to pick up the book in my local library. I was impressed and I decided to follow up Kondo’s advice to the dot as soon as I finished reading. In the cleaning process, I got rid of seven big bags full of my clothes, shoes, books, papers, cosmetics and a few unidentified peculiar objects I had no clue I owned. I almost didn’t recognize my room after I was done with it. I looked around in amazement and I couldn’t believe how clean and fresh my room looked. Even the air felt lighter. Few days passed and I started thinking again: “I got rid of so many of my personal belongings that I owned for years and never really used.” I felt like I produced a lot of unnecessary trash and I could have avoided that. “What can I do not to repeat this mistake in the future? “ I asked myself that question over and over again. And I was back to Google. The more I googled, the more frequently the words zero waste were coming up on my screen. I became so intrigued by this concept that I spent days just reading about different people, different stories and different approaches to zero waste lifestyle. Eventually, I was so enthusiastic about the concept that I decided to try out and embark on a new journey to an environmentally friendly behavior.

Cleaning my room was the first step towards my zero waste lifestyle and the strong sense of accomplishment inspired me to continue in my efforts. I’m aware the change won’t happen overnight, but I will do my best to reach my zero waste destination. And I’ll be more than happy to share my journey with you and maybe inspire you to join me on my quest.

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