Short trip to Lake Bled in Slovenia

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From time to time I feel the urge to get out of my country and go somewhere else, even just for a couple of days. Plus I created a list of ‘to go’ places around Slovakia which I want to visit on weekends and Lake Bled was one of them.  It takes 5 hours to drive there from Bratislava and it is quite an experience itself. Driving on Austrian highways and through Slovenian tunnel which is 8km long, enjoying the mountain scenery around made the long drive quite exciting.

I stayed in a small B&B with a beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains in a small village Selo, just 1.5km from the lake.


After I got to the lake, I couldn’t believe it. The views were amazing, I couldn’t get enough of it. Also, there were quite a few activities to do, such as biking, hiking to the caste on the rock, taking a tourist train or having a walk around the lake (1.5 hour), having a ride in a carriage or renting a boat in order to get to the island in the middle of the lake. On the island, you could visit the famous wishing bell (yes, a bell not a well) and there is a story behind it. According to the legend, a young widow once lived at the Bled Castle, who had a bell casted for the chapel on the island in memory of her husband. During the transport of the bell, a terrible storm struck the boat and sank it together with the crew and the bell, which to this day is said to ring from the depths of the lake. After the widow died, the Pope consecrated a new bell and sent it to the Bled Island. It is said that whoever rings this bell  gets his wish come true.  So why not give it a try?

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Also, this area is very popular for all the enthusiasts of rowing and I also had an opportunity to watch the international rowing competition which took place on the day of my visit. And there is also something for foodies as the area around the lake is crowded with restaurants offering traditional Slovenian cuisine, mostly composed of pork meat. Simply said, there is something for everyone to do so when you had a chance, don’t miss out on visiting this beautiful area of Lake Bled.

See the video or check out the official website here. And most of all, enjoy your trip! =)

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