2 Jun 2014

Tips For Having A Successful Travel Blog

Today, I had few spare minutes at work which I spent browsing through Linkedin looking for something to read and I was successful. I found this interesting Infographic on How to Build a Wildly Successful Travel Blog shared by Blogger Abroad where you can find few tips on how to attract more attention to your […]

17 May 2014

5 Easy Tips On How To Travel Sustainably

I studied tourism and I spent a lot of time reading about negative impacts that every single person can have on the environment when traveling. So here are few tips that everyone can easily follow to be sustainable even when traveling. 1. Buy Food From Local Markets I’ve always wondered why people who traveled to […]

11 Apr 2014

The Case of Itchy Feet: 5 Tips for Restless Travellers Who Can’t Travel

It’s been a while since I got home from my last travels. Even though it feels nice to have a break and enjoy the benefits of not packing my life into a backpack and carry it around most of the time, I get restless from time to time. My feet are itchy  and I can almost […]

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