23 Dec 2016

Discover Places Around You

Discover Places Around You

via Daily Prompt: Discover D iscover is one of the words which I use on a daily basis. The reason is simple – I like to         discover something new every day. My blog is about discovering new places in my                 “backyard” and in my […]

9 Oct 2014

What Do You Miss About Traveling The Most?

I’ve been settled in Slovakia for a while now but from time to time my mind wanders off. I caught myself thinking of all my travel adventures I’ve had so far and I started to feel restless. I realized that I miss traveling too much. The feeling when you hit the road, wake up in […]

2 Sep 2014

How to Travel in Europe on a Tight Budget: Transportation

Few weeks ago, my Aussie friend came to Europe and asked me a lot of questions like what’s the cheapest way to get from A to B, what type of accommodation is reasonably priced  or how to get the most out her visit of each place without spending too much money.  I did a little […]

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