My blog is a shout out to the budget traveholics from all around the world and everyone interested in a zero waste living or reducing their personal waste. Launched in 2013, it started as my personal blog to promote Slovakia as a hot travel destination to the world. Soon after, my blog became a collection of personalized travel life hacks and fun stories when my journey didn’t go as expected.

But the most important about my blog is that it’s here FOR YOU!


  • exploring both exotic countries as well as your own “backyard”
  • zero waste living
  • life hacks that would help you save money & minimize your personal waste record

If so, keep on reading, you’ll feel right home at here! You will find a few travel tips & tricks to help you get around when you’re exploring the world. If you want to start your own zero waste journey or reduce the waste you produce, my blog can be your source of inspiration and support.


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