Hi there! My name is Simona and I guess you’re reading this to find out more about me and my blog. 

My website is a shout out to the budget traveholics from all around the world and everyone interested in a zero waste living or reducing their personal waste. Launched in 2013, it started as my personal blog to promote Slovakia as a hot travel destination to the world. Soon after, my blog became a collection of personalized travel life hacks and fun stories when my journey didn’t go as expected.

But the most important about my blog is that it’s here FOR YOU!


is to inspire and guide all the people who want to start their zero waste journey or minimize their negative impact on the environment through sharing by leading by example, providing support and kickass tips & ideas how to make it happen.


  • exploring both exotic countries as well as your own “backyard”
  • zero waste living
  • life hacks that would help you save money & minimize your personal waste record

then keep on reading, you’ll feel right home at here! You will find a few travel tips & tricks to help you get around when you’re exploring the world. If you want to start your own zero waste journey or reduce the waste you produce, my blog can be your source of inspiration and support.


I’m an active person and I almost never skip my evening jog or my class of hot yoga. I love to explore trends in healthy living and spend time in nature. I couldn’t imagine my life without hiking in the mountains or looking for the perfect sunset on secluded beaches. For that reason, I value our planet and I believe that everyone should take responsibility and do his bit for the environment. I have always felt I could do more for the environment and for that reason, I started my zero waste journey a few months ago. I love to explore and share different hacks on how to minimize my personal waste with you to help you embark on your own no waste journey. If you want to find out how I started, read my post.


In 2013 I had a boring office job in Bratislava, Slovakia which left me creatively stifled. Being an expat for several years, I missed traveling and all the crazy adventures I experienced before I moved back home. I needed something that would unleash my creativity and bring a purpose into my mundane life. So I started my blog in hope to introduce Slovakia as a beautiful travel destination to the world. Life kept going and two years ago I took the opportunity to move to Canada where I settled down. My interests shifted a bit as I didn’t travel as much as I used to and my blog expanded to cover my new passions. I became super enthusiastic about healthy living and zero waste movement. The more I got into it, the more I wanted to share my beginnings and my journey with the community of people who also shared my passions. You guys.


I’d like to give you a big thank you for being here and reading my blog, you’re awesome!

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